Silicone Female Foot Model Mannequin

$129.99 USD


1. Life-Like Model: Molded using human foot, the skin is fair, the proportion is right, and the toes are detailed and realistic.
2. Consisting of Two Layers: Outer layer made from new-type high polymer material TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and inner layer from metal material. Anti-tearing, soft, feel or look like real skin.
3. Widely Application: Preferred for the display or photography of accessories such as jewelry, rings, socks and manicures. Also suitable for the introduction of stockings, shoes, photographs, medical paintings, film and television props, nail exercises and teaching. Or as a collection of art collectors and foot fetishes.
4. Adjustable Use: There are five joints built in the knee bone, and when is bent over 90°, it will automatically rebound. And both toes and ankle can be bent.