High Collar Silicone Breastplate 7G

$129.99 USD

  • The 7th generation silicone breast is made of novel medical grade silicone, which is more skin-friendly, more realistic, closer to human skin color, odorless, non-toxic, oil-free, non-allergic, highly elastic. and not easy to tear.
  • Compared to the previous generation of products, we are redefining the position and proportion of the breasts based on the aesthetics of the human body structure using 3-D printing technology and optimizing the make-up effects of the nipple and areola to bring them closer to the real human breast.
  • The silicone breast is designed according to the American & European human body shape, which is suitable for American & European to wear. It increases the width of the shoulders and the hem of the clothes is changed into a curved design that better fits the skin and is more natural and comfortable to wear.
  • The product improves the contours of the collarbone, ribs and back and optimizes the make-up effect of the pores and blood vessels on the skin. The back of the chest increases the sweat flow point, which improves internal air circulation, and it is still dry after long periods of wear.
  • The high neck design can hide the Adam's apple, and the length of the back neck can reach the back of the head, which the prosthesis can better hide. At the same time, thanks to the realistic collarbone, the clear back contour and the scientific breast design, you can confidently wear a low breast and open the back.

7G Silicone Breast Forms Breastplate For Crossdressers Drag Queen TransgenderCrossdresser Crossdressing Breasplate Fake Boobs




Our silicones are very elastic and easy to stretch. They can be stretched to 200% without damage. Each size is suitable for different people. As long as it is not pulled hard, it is not easily damaged. Be sure to read the size chart to choose the right size. If you are not sure which size will fit you best, please leave us a message (Email:cyomicrossdress@gmail.com) about your measurement(weight, height, neck circumference, chest circumference, size of the cup you want to reach) We will recommend a suitable size for you after receiving information from you.



Caucasian - Color 1, Natural - Color 2, Tan - Color 3

The bigger the number, the darker the color.

CYOMI silicone breast the longer you use, the better close to your real skin color.

If you want the deeper color, please contact us.


Maintain :

·Clean them in lukewarm water with mild soap, air-dry or with towel gently.

·Keep away from hot temperature, sunshine, sharp pointy things, washing machine, chemical material.

·To avoid discoloration of other clothes, do not clean the products with other clothes.



·This product is easy dyeing. Therefore, do not wear faded clothes or jewelry. Artificial dyeing is not refundable.

·Every product is hand made with many procedures by our artists, so it is inevitable to have some tiny difference in size. And we need 3-5 days to prepare the product after your payment. 

·Remember to read the instructions carefully before using!



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