Female Head Mask Handmade with Silicone Breast 3G

$389.00 USD

[Handmade] 100% handmade, detailed treatment, real skin texture, thinner edges, softer and more realistic.

[Suit for] Man who want to be a woman, such as crossdresser, transgender, drag queen, ladyboy, transvestism, cosplayer, or just for fun, etc.

[Humanized design] The eye hole is empty, you can look out through the eye hole, and the mouth can be opened for talking, eating and drinking.The face has a permanent light makeup that makes you look more beautiful. You can also make makeup directly on the mask, and the makeup is detachable. And the most realistic is the eyebrows are manually punched.

[Heating Function] For the third generations, if you want to own a breast not only with lifelike soft touch, but also with humanlike temperature, please send a message to me. The basic shipping is without heating function.

[Note] The head mask doesn't include hairpiece, sunglassess, eyelashes, clothes and any other thing.