7G-Silicone Highest Breast with Bloodshot


  • Texture: Skin texture closer to real skin, capillaries(bloodshot) on the skin are clearly visible.
  • Filler: Silk cotton / liquid silicone, silk cotton breastplate is lighter for long-term wear; liquid silicone breastplate can naturally sway, closer to the real breast.
  • Suitable: Crossdresser, Transgender, Mastectomy, Transvestism, Drag Queen, Ladyboy, Cosplay, Drag Party.
highest level silicone breast forms size chart and breastplate featuressilicone filling is more health,safe and raw material. cotton filling is more health, soft, comfortable and safe.silicone breast floating point design: more comfortable for cross-dressing.breast plate lower hesturve designbreast form details: standard peach chestbreastplate excellent elasticitysilicone realistic breast softness and appearancenew cross-dressing process: no-oil and no reflectioncomparison of different crossdress body wear

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