7G-Silicone High Breast Forms


7G Latest 3D Technology Crossdress Breast Forms

  • The breast forms is made from updated medical silicone, more skin-friendly and flesh-like. The new technology has redefined skin color which make it more closer to human skin. It's non-toxic, non-allergic, no bad smell, no oil.
  • 1:1 Precisely restore the body structure. It features high elasticity and tear resistance. Obese customers can also wear it with confidence.
  • The skin pores and blood vessels are optimized and texture makeup effect is further enhanced, so it is more realistic. Upgraded with perspiration floating point make it improved air circulation and keep it dry.
  • The breast forms is more fits the skin because of the new design of extended shoulders and curved hem. Edge fit, reduce friction. No sense of restraint. And it has more details part, such as visible sexy ribs and the clear back skeleton.
These all make it wear more comfortable and lifelike.

      width and heightwith bloodshot, skin pore and beautiful mammary areolaBreastplate Color Comparisonnew 7g breast form7G latest 3Dtechnology crossdressing breastplate

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