8G-Breast Forms with Airbag


The 8th generation of prosthetic breast production process is comprehensively upgraded, with new airbag filling design and lighter breastplate; bionic breast structure design, which feels more realistic.
Widely recommended for crossdresser, trangender, shemale, ladyboy, drag queen, mastectomy, cosplay, transvestism or male to female.

1. Four sizes S/M/L/XL, multi body type can choose.
2. Floating point process upgrade, more breathable wearing firm, suitable for long time wearing without sweating.
3. New medical silicone material, improve the toughness, tear resistance.
4. No oil, non-sensitive, skin-friendly, environmentally friendly materials.
5. Hand feel upgraded, frosted feel stronger sense of grains, like touching real skin.
6. New airbag filling, reduce weight, feel better.

High-end style with makeupRealistic bloodshot on the surface, more natural and realistic than other breast formsRealistic skin texture, stronger touch feeling.Realistic Silicone Breast Forms: Blue rib design on chest.Silicone Breast Plates: internal floating point design, more breathable and comfortableHigh elasticity, not easy to tear.Breast Airbag Filling: upgrade filling with airbag and liquid siliconeSilicone brest forms size chartHow to wear a silicone breast form?

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