8G Lifelike Silicone Onesie With Arm And Whole Body Muscle

$692.36 USD


-Elastic Material: Made of medical silicone, non-allergic, skin-friendly, odorless, soft and with lifelike touch, washable and with natural skin colors.


-Suitable for: Men who want to gain muscle, like crossdresser, cosplay or just for fun.


-Flexible Sizes: This elastic silicone bodysuit is flexible.The waist can be stretched 10-15 cm without any damage to the material.

-Silicone Fake Chest Muscle : Realistic blood vessels, can enhanced chest muscles , perfect belly line,moves vividly with the body, giving perfect fit and comfort.


-Body Shape: Shape your body into a muscular man, Create a sense of line and increase your attractiveness


-Color:1. Ivory White, 2. Light Beige, 3. Tan
Feel free to contact us if you want other color.


S Size

Neck circumference: 32 CM

Shoulder width: 44CM

Arm circumference: 28CM

Forearm Circumference: 24CM

Cuff: 15CM

Arm Length: 48CM


Waist: 67CM

Hips: 86 CM

Thigh circumference: 50CM

Calf circumference: 34 CM

Foot mouth: 19 CM

Leg Length: 69CM

Overall length: 136CM


L Size

Neck circumference: 35 CM

Shoulder width:50 CM

Arm circumference: 30 CM

Forearm Circumference: 25 CM

Cuffs: 18 CM

Arm Length:48 CM

Bust: 90 CM

Waist: 70 CM

Hips: 87 CM

Thigh circumference: 51 CM

Calf circumference: 33 CM

Foot mouth: 21 CM

Leg length: 75 CM

Overall length: 149 CM