Silicone Bodysuit Artificial Breasts and Vagina 4G

$459.99 USD

High quality, comfortable to wear.
If necessary, shamhair or opening for traffic should also be offered.
With the women's breast and vagina feel like a real woman and show your own female charm.

Zipper sewn into the back if you need zipper on the side or no zipper, please contact us by email.

Care instructions:
1. Despite the high elasticity, the silicone product can not be pulled vigorously or jerky.
2. Please do not wear clothes or jewellery that the silicone product slightly discoloured.
3. Use a body powder before putting on the product in bare condition.
4. Do not pull the zips too hard to avoid damage to the product.
5. Use flowing water or shower gel shampoo (but not corrosive detergents) to clean, do not clean too vigorously and do not use with other clothes.
6. Do not place it near the heat and fire source as well as the sharp objects.

About Customisation: This product is imported from overseas. When the product arrives at the German customs, you need to help with the customs. If the goods are not assisted in customs clearance after arrival in Germany, the duty will automatically destroy the goods or return them automatically, which leads to juicy costs. These costs are too high and we are not able to carry them, so you will bear these costs. Please make sure to check the contact information carefully and then do not forget to answer the questions during customs clearance by phone. If you discover any problems about this, you can contact us and we will be happy to provide you at any time. We ask for your understanding and thank you for your attention.